Art is inherently linked to the artist’s own life experience.
We are not born of our own will but we can will happiness and fulfilment into being The meaning of happiness and existence is broad,
and the ways to experience them are infinite
I have attempted to reach fulfillment in many different ways-to let go of relentless negative energies in order to summon instead a world of contentment.
At first glance, we may seem separate entities, but tendrils of human contact tug this way and that. They reach across from an unseen world into our more familiar, tangible world.
The path we embark upon takes us through both these spaces on a journey towards an absolute truth, towards happiness.
I try to incorporate this concept into my work by drawing figures that illuminate the subject, using my voice to share its story in a way that amplifies it and makes it resonate.
My goal is to bring out the subject’s soul in order to allow it to embrace and awaken.
I believe that the influence and reach of my ideas will continue to spread independently from my existence.  

Biography Satoshi Dáte is an artist, Central Saint Martin`s graduate. Works in Japan and UK. Satoshi Dáte works daily to blend art, music and clothing into his creations with a social and environmental theme.   His clothing has been used in a popular Sony web commercials and featured at Selfridges in London. Not only has he participated in London Fashion Week but also in fashion shows and exhibitions across Europe.   Most recently he is curating a art and craft section of Hankyu Umeda British Fair. His music collborated with Myojyuji, a modern Buddhist temple in Tokyo, Twiggy, one of the most known hair salon in Tokyo. He is also interested in working in education, has lectured various universities such as prestigious Kyoto Art University, Nara Women’s University and Toho Music University. Satoshi’s film work which express an issue in Asian society has been awarded Gold Prize at Asia Design Prize in the past.

できる 幸せであること、存在することの意味は多様で 道は無限に広がっている    



Satoshi Dáteはプラクティスを通して具現できる現実世界と抽象世界の狭間にある「真実」を追求し、人と分かち合う。人は日々の鍛錬により個々の道を作り、真理である「ありのままの姿 – 本当の幸せ」へたどり着くことが誰にでもでき、個から個の繋がりにより広がり、よりよい世の中を創り上げられる。Dáte自身をそのモデルとして、あらゆる社会の枠の外に存在し日々鍛錬している。様々な感覚を育て、人に伝えるためにパフォーマンス、インスタレーション、映像、音、絵画など多様な手法を用いた作品を制作。ロンドン在住。

Gallery Full⇔Emptyにて毎年作品展示。青山ヘアサロンTwiggy、東京妙壽寺にて音楽制作、文化庁主催の演劇公演衣装デザイン、阪急梅田英国フェアにてTomboloディレクション担当、地域活性化を目指す鳥取県NPOプロジェクト「未来」でプロジェクトに関わる。 過去にロンドンファッションウィーク出展、Asia Design Prizeにてアジアの社会問題を訴える映像作品で金賞受賞。