(Chamber temperature)

Location : Spiral Hall, Tokyo JAPAN

Media : Costume

Shitsuon is a performance piece with three dancers and one actor on the stage.
It was a challenge to create one time line with different explosion methods, such as contemporary dance, acting, and spatial composition at same time, to achieve a fresh sense of spatial experience.

Stage Design: Hidemi Nishida, Noe Nihei
Stage installation: Hidemi Nishida
Choreography: Noe Nihei
Dance: Noe Nihei, Yoshimitsu Kushida, Fuka
Actor: Law Ohtatsu
Costume: Satoshi Dáte
Styling: Mika Furukawa
Regisseur: Halime Shibazaki
Lighting: Hiroyuki Sugiura
Sound: Toshiyuki Ochiai