Imprint of the future

There is a disaster in 10years time. We lose all information we have,but people are still desperate to have information. They make clothes
you can infer the personal details from.There are marks on the clothes. There is also personal information about the people; what
they do and what they like. I would like to convey that a high percentage of the information we use nowadays is not really relevant for our lives. We tend to have too much information, however we do not have the ability to deal with it as we do not know how to be selective. The broken pieces of ceramic on the floor that you see in the video are pieces of information from the past. We do not know how
to reassemble them. These have been destroyed by the disaster.

Searching for information/Picking up the pieces of her life/Trying to fit the jigsaw back together again


Directed and Music by Satoshi Dáte


Lyrics –

We lost our precious things, huh, what we saw
on our journey. Disturbing
I got a letter from a hundred years ago
Half of my life passed away
When you turn around, there was nothing left
Your steel legs won’t heal yourself
You just lost how to feel
My heart will die out and turn into chaos
Zephyr Bind
Silence, sigh be told. The baby is feeling something
Sigh and Deep water , my people, flash back is coming from a monitor
Disturb to Kindle