I am awake and am asleep.
I wait for you to pass my membrane
I touch you and slowly
Filter you as you.
I absorb all of you.
So I could feel everything of you.

All things in the world has membrane. From the tiny cell to the human being. We believe we wear wearing the hard skins, but skins even breath and decide what they accept or not. By communication we also accept and refuse.

We are also overlapping with each other. And live together in the same space. Sometimes we can be isolated to others sometimes we accept fully.
Layers of embrace are various, we create as we grow. Depends on what you experience, people have different acceptance to different things.

We may accept as we are similar. Inside the membrane the contents, it needs to be shared or feel of connection. What you discover or felt in your life, you would like to connect to others. Sadness, happiness, beautifulness. It is connected to the oneness.