The Man Who Abandoned the World

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Acoustic/Digital Music and Costume Design


TONSEISHA is an exploration of grief across time and cultures. A play written mostly in haiku verse.A young Japanese woman is haunted by the loss of two men: her father - whom she barely knew - and cult novelist Richard Brautigan - whom she's never met. The costumes were emphasized the contrast between red and black, in order to express the confusion of the heroine.

Director: Gary Merry
Words: Erik Patterson

Music Director: Kim B Ashton
Producers: Vera Chok, Pippa Koszerek

Philippa Boyle (soprano), Vera Chok, Ilze Ikse (flute), Sean Patterson, Yshani Perinpanayagam (piano), Sophie Rivlin (cello), Austin Spangler, Chris Webb (bass)



(digital music @21:21min / accoustic music @23:21min)