Koboshi-kun/Charity Project at Parliament(UK)

My body is made of silk and my heart is made of thin ice, but as this Okiagari Koboshi doll, I've tried to wake up from difficulties in my life. I became stronger and be more considerate to others. My life is more interesting and exciting.

Even if the walls are so high. We shall not fear. There is always a path way for each of us.


 Satoshi Dáte Fukushima charity art work was displayed at Parliament of the UK in London. This project was involved with various noble people such as Lord Howell, Shinzo Abe, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alain Delon, Shinji Kagawa, Taro Hakase and more.

 2014/07/07-07/11 at House of Parliament, The Upper Waiting Hall







展示会場:House of Parliament, The Upper Waiting Hall


展示物制作者 :安倍総理、葉加瀬太郎、布袋寅泰、塚田真希、香川真司、吉田麻也