Routes of Being

Creating the world overlaps Existing World and Non Existing world

We and You soothe our body, mind and spirit by creating ephemeral world.

What would you bring us to merge?

Bring your voice or words which represents this world and outer world

It could be your dream, paradise, meaning of existence.



Director/Music Performance/Costume: Satoshi Dáte


Co-Director/Choreographer: Akiko Ono

Dancer:Holly Ann Lucy Preece / Mariana Camiloti / Melanie Clark / Takeshi Matsumoto

Hair: Takuya Uchiyama/Miho Emori

Make: Miho Kubouchi

Video: Yuta Saiki / Midori Miyashita


Video Editing: Yuta Komine / Satoshi Dáte


Photogrpahy: Kaho Okazaki / Maria / Momoyo Y