Imprint of the Future

 There is a disaster in 10years time. We lose all information we have,
 but people are still desperate to have information. They make clothes
 you  can  infer  the  personal details from.  There are marks on  the
 clothes.  There is  also personal information about the  people; what
 they do  and what they like.  I  would like to  convey  that  a  high
 percentage of the information we use  nowadays is not really relevant
 for our lives.  We  tend  to have too much information, however we do
 not have the  ability to deal with it  as  we do not know how  to  be
 selective.  The broken pieces of ceramic on the floor that you see in
 the video are pieces of information from the past. We do not know how
 to  reassemble  them.  These  have  been  destroyed  by the disaster.