People nowadays will upload a multitude of footage of themselves and their life online, even if they do not know whether anyone will see it or not. Of course no-one can really tell which of your experiences have become an integral part of your memories.

People upload hundreds of pictures and thousands of videos because they are obsessed with claiming, "I am here". Convenience creates a lack of interest and effort.

People upload images randomly onto social networking sites on the Internet as 'memories' but this availability actually damages preciousness. Anyone can access these images and your memories but they can never really share that memory with you.

'Traces' collection aims to offer a solution to this issue by demonstrating that a way of conveying the preciousness of a memory might be to allow the person to actually experience it.


現代人はなぜインターネット上に自身の足跡を残そうとするのか。誰かが共有してくれる保障もなく、 大事な記憶、思い出がどこにあるかも決して自分以外には分からない。

膨大な写真、映像を無数の人々とシェアするのは、「私は今ここにいる」という証明をしたいからであり、 便利さは、そのものの深みを簡単に取り去ってしまう。