We are all born with different bodies.
Distinctive hands, eyes, curves.
A balance.
Through our bodies, we communicate with others.
With each breath, we blend with life.
Your voice is warm. Your countenance ripples. Your beauty is singular.
Your hands in motion express the contours of compassion.
Every part of your body has meaning.
You are nature’s cipher, conveying your inner beauty.
This is your personal splendor. Yours alone.
With courage and dignity, it shines through moment by moment.
No One Has The Right To Misuse It.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the importance of inner beauty and the appreciation of individual beauty in an Asian society plagued by rigid standards of outer beauty.

Many Asian women experience self-doubt due to modern society’s focus on physical appearance. Outer beauty is more valued than inner beauty. Rigid beauty expectations created by society, especially for women, make people lose awareness of individual beauty and cause them to fall victim to negative ways of thinking and destructive behaviours.

To express the concept of individual beauty, the video features a woman who is not represented in a way to emphasise ideas of cuteness or sexual allure. The theme is further underlined by the use of a poem on the idea that each part of a person’s body is a code, conveying the individual’s uniqueness.